Using AI generated face photos for testimonials

AI generated photos may be exactly what you need for the testimonials on your website.

Using AI generated face photos for testimonials
Disclaimer: Let's consider that displaying a photo of the actual person that communicated specific feedback is irrelevant. In contrast, we are establishing here that the essential characteristic of a testimonial is that it's truthful and thus comes from a real person.

You probably already know that it's a good idea to combine photos of real people with testimonials from clients, business partners, or employees on a website.

No one doubts that displaying a real person helps to increase the authenticity of the endorsement. Evolution made us pay special attention to human faces. And this means that visitors immediately perceive statements linked to portraits as more authentic.

But there are three problems that you may face when you try to use regular photos.

  • Problem 1: You may not have any high-quality photo of that person.
  • Problem 2: You may have no authorization of using the photo of the person.
  • Problem 3: People can ask you to have their photos removed from the website at any time.

What a lot of companies do is just to use regular stock photos. That's an alternative, but you don't always find something that fits what you need.

And stock photos can be awkwardly cheesy.

With this article, I'd like to hint that you may find the solution in one of these services that generate and sell AI generated images of human faces.


Because you can generate them with a few clicks on sites like Generated Photos, for example.

All the faces available are generated by software and thus belong to no real person. This means that you can be sure that no one is going to ask to take them down.

And lastly, you can also generate faces that speak to the demographics (sex, age, ethnicity, etc.) that you want to reach.

Isn't it crazy to think about how the creative industry is being disrupted by this technology? As someone who worked as a professional photographer for a decade, I can assure you that new applications are changing everything.

Let's make the best out of these new tools!